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Lotto by Stonito for Mobile

Power of statistics is evident only when its results are easy to use. No need to maintain statistical data (supported games). Interractive help in picking numbers. Check the hottest, the most due and the most frequently cross-present numbers on the fly.

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Version 0.0.1

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Stonito Mobile Lotto, main screen
Start screen

This screen will initially offer you to select a game to play. Click on Select button.

Stonito Mobile Lotto, select a game to play
Select a game

In a list are all games currently supported by Stonito. Tap on the one you want.

Stonito Mobile Lotto, confirm selection
Confirm selection

Confirm selection by pressing the button SELECT.

Stonito Mobile Lotto, game opened
Game opened

Notice the sort order buttons above. Initial sort order is None, meaning natural order.

Stonito Mobile Lotto, hot order
Hot order

The numbers are sorted by frequency they appeared in previous rounds. The most frequent is on the top.

Stonito Mobile Lotto, picking numbers
Picking numbers

You pick numbers by tapping them. The picked numbers turn black. If you tap them again you will unpick them. List of picked numbers is shown below the sort order buttons.

Stonito Mobile Lotto, due order
Due order

The numbers are sorted by count of rounds they are already late to appear based on their own frequency of appearing. The number most late is on the top.

Stonito Mobile Lotto, cross order
Cross order

The numbers are sorted by frequency they appear together with already picked numbers. This order changes on every picking or unpicking of a number. On the top is the number that was appearing with most of the picked numbers in the past.

Stonito Mobile Lotto, combination completed
Combination completed

While picking numbers you can switch sorting order freely. When final number picked (for this game it's 5th) list of picked numbers changes background to yellow as an indication of that event.

Stonito Mobile Lotto, extended combination
Combination extended

You can continue picking numbers (useful for wheels), background changes to gray as an indication you are over the limit of picked numbers.

Stonito Mobile Lotto, history

You can check the history of previous rounds used in statistical sorting orders by clickng on button HISTORY.

Stonito Mobile Lotto, last used game
Next application start

When you start an application again you will see the previously used game below the SELECT Game button. Clicking on LAST USED button you go directly to that game, no selection process is needed.