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Lotto by Stonito

Predicting lottery numbers accurately is extremely challenging due to the random nature of lottery draws. While it is possible to train AI models to analyze historical data and identify patterns, it's important to note that past results do not guarantee future outcomes in a truly random system. For sure the machine intelligence can grasp an underlying structure of the problem better than human.

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This software extends an earlier project with the same name hosted previously on

If anything could help us improve predicting numbers, it would be historical data. Software gather a comprehensive dataset of past lottery results, including winning numbers, dates. This data can be used to identify patterns or trends that may help in making predictions.

Our common reason can't find a model suitable for describing this process. It is beyond our grasp.

But what about Artificial Intelligence? Short answer is: Maybe.

Software also utilize statistical techniques to analyze the historical data, such as frequency analysis to determine the most commonly drawn numbers, hot and cold numbers, number distribution, and other relevant statistical measures. Those data are presented to the user exactly where they can be used and swiftly checked.

Software Solution

Lotto software is an application designed to assist you while playing the lottery and at the same time add some intelligence in the process of picking numbers.

It also keeps track of everything, has an intuitive interface that extracts relevant information for you without the need for extra clicks or extra efforts. With all its features, it suits casual and regular lottery players alike.

Give it a try, play smarter. Instructions on how to use are available in the video below.

What is new? November 25th 2023

  1. Improved Pattern Combinations neural network.
  2. Improved support for multiple networks.
  3. Added option for retraining all defined networks one by one, to be done after each round.
  4. Minor bug fixes. November 6th 2023

  1. Neural network can be named by the user and may be deleted (finally).
  2. Training network now feautres automatic stop on error beeing not affected by new epochs.
  3. The selecting of new combination now support partial history (from a specific date or limited last rounds) and can use different trained networks, easily switching between them.
  4. Major bug fixes, now starts correctly after install. October 27th 2023

  1. Neural network now can use more previous rounds (configurable) from history in training process. This improves configuring AI network considerably.
  2. The selecting new combination dialog is thoroughly redisigned, easier to reorder numbers, indication of exact values used for each ordering, easier to use.
  3. Minor bug fixes. March 26th 2023

  1. Added ability to download List of Systems from Stonito website directly from an application.
  2. Improved Pattern Neural Network, now compares winning combination to the combination below winning threshold only.
  3. Minor bug fixes.

Remember, even with the best inputs and AI models trained to the best of hardware and human abilities, accurately predicting lottery numbers is extremely difficult task due to the inherent randomness of the process. You should approach lottery prediction models with skepticism and understand that they as well as anything else are by no means foolproof methods for winning.