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Lotto by Stonito

The exciting challenge is predicting the next draw in any lottery. Getting results in the process is even more demanding. Machine intelligence can grasp an underlying structure of the problem better than human.

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This software extends an earlier project with the same name hosted previously on

If anything could help us improve predicting numbers, it would be history. History may reveal the intricacies of the number-drawing process by any particular machine.

Our common reason can't find a model suitable for describing this process. It is beyond our grasp.

But what about Artificial Intelligence? Maybe.

Software Solution

Lotto software is an application designed to assist you while playing the lottery and at the same time add some intelligence in the process of picking numbers.

It also keeps track of everything, has an intuitive interface that extracts relevant information for you without the need for extra clicks or extra efforts. With all its features, it suits casual and regular lottery players alike.

Give it a try, play smarter.